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Complete Boiler Room Installation & Maintenance

A Boiler room is a room or space in a building dedicated to the HVAC equipment and typically house the equipment like Boilers. Heat Exchangers. Air Handlers, Water Heaters/Tanks, Water Pumps (for domestic, heating/cooling), Main Distribution Piping And Valves, Venting, Gas Piping, Control System and accessories.

We are the “Boilers Expert”. Boiler systems are quite expensive, and they’re very reliable when maintained properly. That’s exactly why it makes sense to call us and let us take care of your entire boiler room. Whether it is a new installation or preventive maintenance or emergency breakdown- we are there 24/7 to take care of your boiler system so that you can enjoy more than a decade of reliable heat from the system.

Duct Work & Ventilation

Our team are experts in HVAC duct system design and ductwork installation.

A ductwork system is designed to distribute airflow from your HVAC equipment to your entire home or commercial building. This encompasses the air that is sucked from the whole building into the air conditioner /heater where it gets cooled or heated and then pushed back via the ducts into your living space.

We Are the Leading Innovator, Provider and Installer of Advanced High-Quality Ductwork System.
Ventilation is the process by which ‘clean’ air (normally outdoor air) is intentionally provided to a space and stale air is removed. This may be accomplished by either natural or mechanical means.
When it comes to Ventilation, we want to make sure that you get the better quality of air indoors with no presence of moisture, smoke, odours, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other gases as well as temperature control and oxygen replenishment.

Please contact us today for expert advice and hassle-free installations by the Industry Leaders.

Roof Top Units

A Rooftop HVAC unit, or RTU, provides heating or cooling to an area by treating the air that passes through it and then circulating that air. In particular, a rooftop unit is  an air handler – the part of the system that conditions the air and circulates it. The purpose of a rooftop unit is to distribute conditioned air within define areas of a building. Rooftop units are connected to ductwork which provides a defined route for the conditioned air to travel along.

Our Commercial HVAC Experts provide Regular Rooftop Maintenance services prior to every season on all major Rooftop HVAC Systems you currently use or wish to use. We can assist you with quotes, maintenance, repairs and installation of rooftop units.
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Industrial Installations

We specialize in the installation of the complete compressed air system, natural gas equipment, Boilers, Ducting, Distribution piping and Ventilation system.

All piping systems are in full compliance with TSSA

Please contact us today for your all installation needs. We will be happy to visit your site and submit our quote.